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At Global Tax we could save you thousands, particularly at times like this. 

  1. Saves your time and energy.
  2. It makes life easy.
  3. Handle tax matters.
  4. Plan for the future
  5. Get Advice.

Getting an accountant is not a lifestyle decision, it’s a business decision. Investing in professionals – or changing the way you use them  – can bring considerable returns. A qualified accountant has the knowledge and resources that those outside of the profession can’t offer. You probably don’t try to fix your own car, why would you try to do your own taxes?


What We Are Expert At

Financial Services Areas

Accounts Production

Our accountants can manage annual accounts, using records and books, to prepare your tax return, for limited companies, partnerships of sole traders.


A personal accountant will ensure that expert advice is given to help minimise tax bills and that they are always paid on time.


Whether you should be registered for VAT or not, depends on your individual business circumstances.

Capital Gains Tax

If you are considering selling an asset, GlobalTax can offer guidance on potential capital gains tax charges that one may be liable for upon the sale.

Property Tax

Property Tax is a concern for a wide range of businesses and individuals. Our company can provide in depth knowledge, to explain and advise on all aspects of property tax

Corporation Tax

Limited companies face UK corporation tax on all profits. We offer a service that helps to organise your tax returns and provide information on Companies House regulations.


At GlobalTax we welcome those who are starting businesses, to give advice on book keeping, tax saving, cashflow and help break down accountancy fees through monthly payments.

Payroll - PAYE

GlobalTax offers advice in many aspects of employee management. We can advise on the recruitment of staff, payroll preparation and answer any questions you may have on how the payroll process works


GlobalTax Accountants provide an comprehensive bookkeeping service, that is designed to suit each individual or business.

Cashflow Projections

Our company can provide you with comprehensive cashflow projections based upon your business finance, allowing you to pursue other business needs.

Limited Company

Global Tax will enable you to make a balanced judgement on the best way to take your enterprise forward. Be it a limited company or unincorporated structure

Staff Appraisal

Global Tax’s computerised staff feedback system means that staff appraisals can be made simple for your company.


Our company can assist you in recruiting new members of staff, by checking our own office resources, or by helping you to advertise vacancies elsewhere.

Staff and Employer Support

We also offer a support system to employers, to help maintain a rewarding working relationship.

Inheritance Tax

Our company can assist you with the various taxes associated with inheritance, a task that you can trust will be managed competently, in what way be a difficult time.

Tax Return

GlobalTax can help to keep records up to date, can complete tax returns for business or the self-employed, or simply offer guidance on how to complete them.

Business Loans

Our accountants have experience in creating thorough business plans, and can advise on the types of loans available and how to obtain them

Cloud Based Accounting Software and Training

We offer software training, to get you up to speed with the newest developments in the business software arena and take your business forward.

Limted Company Accounts

Our accountants can assist your limited company by annually auditing the business and helping with the general accounts.


An accountant at Globaltax can help to maintain personal income records for the employed.​

Sole Trader Accounts

Globaltax offers ways to help you to control accounts, and monitor tax payments, to ensure you re adhering to government regulations.

Partnership Accounts

Our accountants can provide support and help for partnership businesses.

Management Accounts

Our accountants can help in putting account management systems into place, or be contracted to organise business accounts.

Our Clients

Our firm caters for a wide variety of clients, from the self-employed to larger scaled enterprises. We aim to build a stable, personal relationship, designed to suit the specific needs of each company.

Accessible and Personal Service

In the competitive world of business, an understanding of finance is key. We feel that establishing a frank and honest rapport with our clients is essential, to allow them the best understanding of the financial market is essential to the success of their business and peace of mind.

Financial and Business Planning

Our Financial Planning consultant will ease this complexity by helping you structure your finance in the most tax efficient way.

A Global Tax experts will help guide you with a financial review, where we’ll discuss your situation in depth. 

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