Business Services

as your business advisors we will look at your business and work out with you what the best way forward is. how to maximise your profits, how to grow your business. And how to balance making the kind of income you want with the lifestyle you want to have or the kind of work you want to do.



Starting up a business is difficult for a variety of reasons, not least of which if financial control. At GlobalTax we welcome those who are starting businesses, to give advice on book keeping, tax saving, cashflow and help break down accountancy fees through monthly payments.

Cashflow Projections


Cashflow projections are fundamental for financial planning, business forecasts and loan applications. Our company can provide you with comprehensive cashflow projections based upon your business finance, allowing you to pursue other business needs. Alternatively, we can simply advise on calculating cashflow or applying for business loans.

Limited Company


Would a limited company be suitable for your business? Needless to say this is not an easy question to address in just a few short paragraphs of text, however we are more than willing to discuss your individual requirements and undertake a proper risk assessment of your business venture.

This professional assessment will enable you to make a balanced judgement on the best way to take your enterprise forward. Be it a limited company or unincorporated structure it should allow you to take advantage of the most beneficial tax arrangements available to you, we can help you make sensible choices about action that you can take to minimise your commercial risks.

Business Loans


Business loans can be hard to acquire, especially in the precarious economic market at present. Our accountants have experience in creating thorough business plans, and can advise on the types of loans available and how to obtain them through our partners; Lloyds TSB Bank. Receiving any type of loan, be it credited or against an asset, having a detailed and researched business plan is key to convincing loan companies that you are a secure investment. Incorporating a business strategy, as well as explaining how the loan will be repaid, is important.

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